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RAPPLON ® High Performance Transmission Belting
BELOTA Beltech Pty Ltd sell and install RAPPLON ® high performance flat belting manufactured by Ammeraal Beltech..a world leader in their field.
Ammeraal Beltech RAPPLON ® belts are constructed of high quality materials to give exceptional service life under all conditions, high speed drive belts, to box folding, tube winding and paper production.
Ask your nearest branch for further information on Ammeraal Beltech RAPPLON ® Flat and transmission belting. 


Uni offer a huge selection of belt types to satisfy all industry requirements. From tight transfer 12mm pitch belting through to heavy duty belts to carry automobiles, uni have a belt to satisfy your needs.
BELOTA Beltech Pty Ltd have qualified application engineers to give you the right solution for your conveying applications, supported by belt design programs two and three dimensional CAD drawings and virtual reality systems, to give you sound advice on the best uni belt selection for your application.

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